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Affording freedom of form and appearance, stainless steel roofing blends into all environments and is suited to all styles of architecture, both new and renovation projects. Long lasting, easy to maintain and recyclable, it is also the sustainable material of choice.

The advantages of stainless steel for roofing and cladding…

  • Lighter envelope, thanks to high mechanical properties that permit a reduction of thickness.
  • Compatible with all types of support: metal, all types of wood, etc.
  • Possible association with construction systems giving thermal properties and/or acoustics.
  • Response to national and European thermal regulatory requirements.
  • More cost-effective than traditional products and techniques.
  • All types of claddings are possible, both new and refurbished.
  • In refurbishment, the stainless steel envelope transforms and modernises the building while respecting thermal regulations and omitting thermal bridges.

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