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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Forming, fabrication and joining techniques

Depending on their type and heat-treated condition, wrought stainless steels are formable and machinable. Stainless steels can also be cast or forged into shape. Most of the available types and grades can be joined by use of appropriate ‘thermal’ methods including soldering, brazing and welding.

Austenitics are suitable for a wide range of applications involving flat product forming (pressing, drawing, stretch forming, spinning etc). Although ferritics and duplex types are also useful for these forming methods, the excellent ductility and work hardening characteristic of the austenitics make them a better choice.

Formability of austenitics is controlled through the nickel level. 301 (1.4310) grade which has a ‘low’ (around 7%) nickel content and so work hardens when cold worked, enabling it to be used for pressed ‘stiffening’ panels. In contrast,nickel levels of around 8.0% make the steel better suited to stretch forming operations. Higher nickel levels around 9.0% are required for deep drawing.

Most stainless steel types can be machined by conventional methods, provided allowance is made for their strength and work hardening characteristics. Most can be soldered or brazed, provided care is taken in surface preparation and fluxes are selected to avoid the natural surface oxidising properties becoming a problem in these thermal processes.

To optimise joint strength and corrosion resistance, most stainless steels can be welded using a wide range of techniques. The weldablity of the ferritic and duplex types is good, whilst austenitic types are classed as excellent for welding. The lower carbon martensitics can be welded with care but certain grades are not suitable for welding.

Stainless steel fabrication seminars provided by the BSSA give a thorough introduction to the metal together with good design, fabrication and workshop practice. Stainless steel can often provide a cost-effective solution in demanding service conditions but a good understanding of the range of stainless steel grades, their suitability for particular environments and how to fabricate them is vital. The seminar will provide a thorough introduction to fabricating with stainless steel with guidance on good health and safety practices, especially when welding.

Seminar objectives:

• To promote good design and fabrication in stainless steel
• To assist delegates to comply with health and safety requirements
• To provide an introduction to development and support services

Benefits of attending:

• Confidence in specifying, buying and fabricating stainless steel, and in using and operating stainless steel structures and equipment
• Understanding of how to avoid the pitfalls in stainless steel design and fabrication
• Access to regional technical and business support

Stainless Steel – for design, structure and protection against the elements.”


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