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Stainless steel offers considerable design scope using finishes which are distinctive and, in many cases, unlike those which can be achieved with other metals. Products are available in 0.5mm thickness and finishes from matt grey (to replicate patinated lead) to those which may be made to special order in a variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Grades correspond to their chemical composition and are directly related to corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Surface finishes are the result of mechanical or physio-chemical treatment of the steel surface and can be reproduced on different grades of stainless steel.

As a roofing and façade material stainless steel is easily shaped using conventional methods such as forming, bending, shearing, drilling and punching. It can be installed using techniques such as welding, brazing, riveting, mechanical fixing and adhesive bonding. Due to the metal’s light weight it can be installed in long tray lengths and provides comparable performance to other metals at thinner gauges. This can make a consideration contribution to the reduction of building envelope weight.

Stainless steel can be used on flat or curved surfaces and to form complex shapes such as domes and cupolas. It is not susceptible to fracturing at low temperatures.

Terne coatings on sheet or strip for external cladding, roofing and flashings confer a lead patina appearance to the surface, enabling them to be used as a substitute for lead sheet on buildings such as churches. Terne-coated stainless steels are defined in BS EN 502 and BS EN 508-3 as ‘stainless steel continuously hot dip coated with a lead-tin alloy’.

Stainless Steel – for design, structure and protection against the elements.”


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