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Our wide range of grades and surface finishes will let you choose stainless steel that will provide your building with continuity and sustainability thanks to corrosion resistance that is adapted to any given atmospheric environment. Furthermore, our various stainless steels have excellent physical properties even at very low temperatures. On one hand, this allows you to use thinner pieces, providing for a lower weight per m2, and on the other hand, you can use very long pieces in single sections.

Our products are transformed and easily installed using traditional tools and machinery.

Economic performance

Designing and building with stainless steel contributes to an excellent overall cost, that is a positive relationship between the final cost and the lifetime of the work. This comes as a result of the exceptional durability of stainless steel buildings, and the almost non-existent, easy maintenance.

The price stability, especially with our ferritic grades, as well as the cost of transformation and installation is comparable to other traditionally used metals, giving stainless steel its competitiveness.


Stainless steel offers creative freedom and architectural design which is rarely matched. Our impressive range of thicknesses and wide range of surface finishes – from the more dull to the colourful to the most brilliant.

Stainless steel allows for the creation of complex shapes and pairs well with other materials such as glass, wood, stone, etc.

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